29 02 2008


“Freedom honours Peace and the dignity that allows honesty, fair treatment; fostering a positive and healthy environment to all. Sometimes and in some contexts these values are still for accomplish and healthy relationship of comfort, security, respect, dignity, self-worth, confidentiality, openness and communication were not achieved.
Freedom of choice gives us the power of decision. Self-determination provides everyone to exercise their right. Justice, fairness and equality enhances the sense of self-esteem that at the end consolidate peace.” – Alberto Guerreiro

Goals: Freedom of Choice International Video and Film Peace Festival (FocFest) is committed to bringing to the public quality creative art movies with civic and intervention assent. It seeks to promote the ideals of peace, freedom, open society, tolerance, political and cultural pluralism within a global context as well as fight and expose the cases of violation of those commitments throughout the world. FocFest works towards to show multisided views of world peace and freedom through the art form of video and film expressed creatively and critically. It aims to promote the use of moving image involving broad audiences in an open debate about the challenges facing humanity.

FocFest is an event of Artists for Peace: “Interested in promoting Peace and Friendship, Non Violence, and an active attitude against War”.

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